August 30th, 2019 by

Want to know why the new GMC Acadia has exploded in popularity? Visit Community Buick GMC and test drive this fun mid-size SUV, so you can see a few of these safety features in action.

One reason the GMC Acadia is safer to drive is due in part to the rear-view camera system. This unique feature is going to take over the center console information screen the minute that you shift into reverse. Now you will have the opportunity to be able to see anything moving behind your vehicle, so you can avoid hitting anything.

Helping drivers to avoid accidents while on the road, your new GMC Acadia comes equipped with a Pre-Collision Assist feature for that reason. If the radars detect something in the road ahead, you’ll get an alert first to try to stop, then the braking system will pre-charge to slow down your vehicle before you end up in a wreck.

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